Excellent Japanese Pearls
from Kobe

Rich Nature and Pioneer story

Birthplace of
cultured pearl "Akoya"

Pearls are cultured in beautiful sea,
calm bays with seawater
temperatures above 13 degrees.
Throughout the four seasons,
pearls are carefully cultivated
by the many skilled hands.

Best of Pearl "Akoya"

A rainbow of colours
in the glaze of Akoya pearl.
It's Precious Gift from Nature

The city of Kobe

Kobe is located almost
in the center of mainland of Japan.
Kobe has an international trading port,
has a geographical condition close to pearl farms,
and has prospered as a pearl processing city
because of the stable light
required for pearl processing.

Stable Warm light
from North windows in Kobe

North side in Kobe is surrounded
by the beautiful backdrop of
the Rokko mountain range.
Stable warm light from north windows
is essential for advanced pearl processing.